Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Dark Knight Rises

So today is a good day... I think the heavens were aware of what was about to happen and wanted to postpone the obsession that was soon to begin. I got done with one of my classes this afternoon and went to get some lunch at the food court. Standing there waiting for my food I suddenly realized I did not know where my phone was. I searched my bag and myself frantically only to find I did not have my phone. F

Fortunately about twenty minutes later I went to talk to my teacher in his office and someone had turned the phone into him and I was able to retrieve my phone. I settled down in my next class and finished my lunch and as per-usual I pulled out my phone to browse the internet instead of paying attention. I have a rare crippling obsession with Batman and for the past few months have been regularly checking for news on the upcoming Batman film THE DARK KNIGHT RISES.

And finally Warner Brothers had come out with an official announcement about THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. Tom Hardy has been cast to play the villainn Bane, and Anne Hathaway has been cast to play the villain/love interest Catwoman or aka Selina Kyle.

So anyways I thought today I would give everyone a little background on each of these villains.

Bane has already been featured in a full length live action Batman film, he was featured in the 1997 film BATMAN AND ROBIN. However like the other characters portrayed in this movie the character of Bane was totally butchered. In that movie Bane was basically a mindless big brute who fought Batman and Robin and was controlled by Poison Ivy.
Bane in the comic books is a pretty interesting character. He is a massive villain who uses a drug referred to as "venom" to induce incredible super human strength. Unlike most villains who are physically strong Bane was also very smart. He is perhaps most memorable in the comic storyline of "Knightfall". Bane attacks Arkham Asylum and causes most of the patients to escape. Batman has to find and stop all of these escaped villains and when he faces Bane he is physically and mentally strained. Bane almost kills Batman and actually breaks his back and takes control of Gotham City .
I'm excited to see what Christopher Nolan does with this character especially since he is being played by Tom Hardy, who in my opinion is a fantastic actor. I was a little surprised by the choice of Bane for the third movie... but "In Nolan We Trust." haha

Catwoman has also been portrayed in a full length live action Batman film in Tim Burton's 1992 film BATMAN RETURNS and I try not to even acknowledge the Halle Berry film. Catwoman has always fulfilled two roles in the Batman comics. She is both a love interest and villain. She is more or less a thief that has somewhat of a love hate relationship with Batman. Ultimately she finds out Batman's true identity and recently in the comics hasn't been cast as a villain at all. She typically carries a whip and wears a tight leather suit that resembles a cat. I think most people are pretty familiar with her so I won't go into as much detail on her.
In Tim Burton's film she was portrayed as a woman who was pushed out of a window and was bitten repeatedly by alley cats and somehow derived cat like abilities. I would like to point out that this is basically completely different than how she is in the comics.
I am excited to see this movie. Anne Hathaway isn't my first choice but I think Nolan has an amazing sense of casting the right people in his movies. So I am excited to see what she brings to the table in the upcoming movie.

I'm done "nerding" out now! haha Thanks for reading.


  1. Good post, though you have a typographical error. I think you meant to say that: "Bane, like everyone else in the film, was portrayed brilliantly and all were deserving of the critical accollades attributed to them in Schumacher's near-perfect film/mind-orgy!"

    You're welcome and you can cut and paste my corrections into your blog.

  2. You are exactly right. What a gross error on my part. You atre correct Joel Schumacher really captured human anger, sexuality, and emotion in his 1997 masterpiece! I doubt The Dark Knight Rises can "rise" above it. Schumacher set the bar really high!

  3. nerd alert! So- when is it coming out? I'm glad you found your phone! And can I have more Christian- less Batman in this one please?!